She's an AI workforce management platform with the power to automate thousands of tasksInterested in learning how Rhonda can increase the productivity and performance of your existing workforce?

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Predicts and completes tasks without user input. Rhonda can complete thousands of tasks at the same time, for any number of people.

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Performance Management

Provides daily information about employee and supervisor performance, training and safety based on a daily check-in and rating system. Go back over a period of weeks, months, even years to check employee’s average performance rating.

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Zoom out to look at the overall productivity of your workforce and equipment and pinpoint areas of processes that are performing below acceptable levels.

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ROI + Trackability

Displays data in ways your managers can use it. The more you know, the higher your ROI.

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Gathers, analyzes, and effectively uses large amounts of real-time data to strengthen your
level of service.

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Tracks employee certification and notifies employer before certifications expire.


Rhonda works 24/7/365 to maximize
the performance of your workforce.


Empower your employees to make the
right decisions at the right time.


After years of development, we're proud to introduce Rhonda, the workforce management platform that will revolutionize how companies manage their employees.

Rudi Asseer

President, IMI

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Discover all the ways Rhonda can revolutionize your business today.

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